Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Portfolio sample rich task

At the start of the term we did a rich task a rich task is where the whole class does the same question. We don't know anything about what this question we just have to take a guess.  After we did the question and answers we rated how we had done. I rated myself a 3 that means I am almost there. Then we did some workshops for a whole week. One of the workshops that we needed to learn  the most area and weight. Then the next Monday. We did the sheet again. I did way better than I did the last time. Here is the reflection slide 
Feedback feedforward I think that you did a great job Camden. Next time you could make the slide a bit smaller. Angus

Evaluation. I think that I did a great job. Next time I could focus a bit more on the slide 

Monday, 12 September 2016

Portfolio sample Book buddies

This trem we are doing book buddy's. Book buddy's is where you get put together with someone that is at the same level reading they read as fast as you and they like the same books as you. I got put together with louis. We have been reading the hunger games and now we agree to read why the whales came. We have a couch we chose troy. Here is a slide that has all of our work on it. I hope you enjoy it. 😀

Feedback feedforward I like how you have 2 more slides to show what you did while you were reading each book.  Next time make the pictures a bit more clearer. Alex 

Evaluation I think me and Louis are a great team sometimes we may argue but m we get along. Maybe next time I could talk a little bit more with him instead of always doing the same thing all the time picking the green cards 

Portfolio sample calender art

This term for our calender art we are doing self portraits. But we are not doing your ordinary self portraits. On the out sides of our self portraits we have to put symbols that represents us. For example I love dancing so I zoomed on the floor. This makes me remember that I love dancing. Here is the slide that has my self portrait on it and all the other stuff that helped us on the way.

Feedback feedford 
Excellent artwork Camden. You have explained yourself very well and when looking through the example you understand more. Debbie / mum 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Portfolio post ET REO

Kia ora Every Monday we do ETreo. This team we have been focusing on different whakataukis. A whakatauki is a quote our a proverb. My favorite whakatauki is He aha the mea nui o te ao. In English that whakatauki means what is the most important thing I the world. He tangata he tangata he tangata. That means the people the people the people. So we created some people here is a photo of all the people that do ETreo and a picture of mine. Enjoy 

Feedback/feedford it looks like you worked really hard on this and I like that there is no white spots that I can see i feel like you could of made yours a bit bigger juven. 

Thanks juven I am going to take in what juven said I loved that there was no shire spots. Maybe I could have taken it slow and not rushed it.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Troy writing group portfolio sample the lotto winner

This trem we are in different Groupes I am in the group where we are working on word. For the last couple of weeks we are working on story's about the waking of tennis balls. But this not your average how to make tennis balls we had to watch a video about tennis balls but we couldn't have any thing to do with it. So after we got our words and we sorted them into the ones we wanted to keep and the we didn't  want to keep after that we did the planning of our story. After we planed we get to do my favorite  part WRITE!!!!!. We at least had to have  4 sentences. I did mine with to parts. Here is the video of the tennis ball making and the story. Enjoy 

Feedback feedford I like how you put a lot of detail in your story next time you could make your story not as long. Sam 

Evaluation: thanks Sam. I am going to take in what sam said and I did maybe a did go a bit to far with my story but I love how I thought of my ideas a it did take my time but I did got  it finish it.