Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Today we made paper planes. Here is my plan. 

Here is my finished product.

Maths work I did today

MToday for maths I was doing a formula with my match sticks. Here is a work sheet that I did.
I also got to do my on Match stick shape on that paper. Here I my match stick formula that I did in my book.

I asked Alex if he could figure my question out it repeats 10 times. 
M=(h10x4+1)=41.alex is correct. Here is another formula.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Portfolio sample seed to table

Today for sience we were investigating if 2 year old seeds would still be alive. I tried radish seeds, we didn't use any soil all you need is a plastic bag, seeds a bucket a bucket full of water and 2 paper towel. First you fold the 2 paper towels in half and the pit them in the water to soak. Then you get six seeds and put them on the wet paper towel. Then you fold the sides in and put it in a plastic bag with your name on it. That is how you find out how you find out if a seed is still alive. Here is a photo of how I made mine.

Feedback: I like how you explained what the task was and what you did.

Feedforward: maybe a better picture 
Alex is a boss.

Evaluation I think that I did need to improve my picture. I think that I did a great dicription.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Portfolio sample maths timeline

At the moment in maths we are learning algebra we are also learning about a time line and and placing different things in different places here is a photo of what we had to place in a time line.
After we knew where everything went on the time line we made a time line and added where everything went here is a photo of our timeline 

Feedforward/feedback: I think you did good because you showed what we did. Next time you could explain more about what we did when we were with James. Angus 

Evaluation: thanks Angus I am going to take in what Angus said that I should have explained what we did with James. I like how I did it in steps.

Portfolio sample ET reo

Every Monday after lunch some people do Kapa haka and some people do ET reo. ET reo means elly troy reo. The people that don't want to do Kapa haka stay back and do Moari learning. At the moment we have been working on how to say the Moari foods. I made a kahoot,but sadly it is not going to let me sigh in.  Here are the kind of questions that I did. What is the Moari name for butter and there would be four, three or two answers. We also sung a Moari song called auteroua made by stan walker. I wonder if you can sing the song?

Feedforward/feedback maybe next time you could have the questions and answers in a slide. You made a post with a great dicription. Sam 

Evaluation: . Thanks Sam I like sam's idear of having the questions on a slide if the kahoot didn't work. I think that I did a great dicription and I explained a lot about what ET reo was. 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Portfolio sample goal for cross country

In week six on Tuesday we did crosscounty at Scogland park. It's when all the year 3,4,5 and 6's go to Scogland park and run in dirt and go up high mountains also the year 5 and 6's do a longer track the year 3 and 4's they do1.9 km and the year 5 and 6's do 2.0km. Before we went to Scogland park we had to make a goal to reach. Here is my goal.

Crosscountry goal: My goal for cross country is to get into the top five so I can get into inter school. This is very special to me because I would like to represent our school. I have a compedertar Angus. His goal is also to get into the top five so he can get Into inter school. I hope I do well this year. 

After crosscountry refection: I didn't finish the crosscountry because I twisted my ankle in one of the holes but I did make it 1km into the crosscountry track. This will be my goal for next year. I will practise starting now.

Feedback/feedford: It was a good day by the way the track was 2.5km long.angus 

Evaluation: thanks Angus next time I think I will add a photo of me doing the crosscountry I think I did a great dicription. I had to do this post because a love crosscountry and I think the it is a great time for me because I love to set myself a goal and work up to it.