Monday, 4 April 2016

Camp dairy writing

 I wrote a diary about the first day of  camp. I chose this piece of writing because Every time I read a book with no pictures I like imagining how it would be in the book. You have to imagine in my story too just to let you know. I like to entertain people in my writing and make them have a little giggle. Here is a little bit of the writing from the story  to pull you in. I painted like a dog as I heaved the bag into my dads arms. If you loved that sentence I'm sure you will want you to read the whole story and I am sure this piece of writing will want you to go to EL RANCO camp. Here is my story

“Are you almost finished packing.” Asked mum. “Finished.” I said. We were just about to go to a camp called EL rancho on the outskirts of waikanae. I was taking my out my bags. They weighed like half a ton wall maybe not half a ton but you get the idea. As my dad loaded up the trailer I painted like a dog as I heaved the bag into his hands. Then he said. “We are almost ready to Go. Could you go round everyone up.” I sprinted inside and yelled. “EVERYONE TIME TO GO.” We all got outside and hopped. 

On our journey we saw thousands of acres of wheat and we passed though lots of town,even the one where my Uncle and Aunty live.

After an hour and a half we made it to EL RANCHO camp. It looked like paradise.

 None of us could get excited because my brother was asleep. There were lots of cabins and a hall Ten times the height of me. Our mum showed us all where we would be sleeping, it's called the willow lodge. There were a lot of places to see but my mum and dad had two places in mind they were kayaks and horses.                                      

My dad rushed to me and said. “Would you to learn how to kayak.” I said. “ABSOLUTELY.” So the boys went to kayaks and the girls went to the horses.

We all walked together because kayaks were right next to the horses. After we hopped over the steps we went our ways. We got there and put our life jackets on and hopped in the boats. At first it's scary but after you get the hang of it you will be having the time of your life.