Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Every Monday we do etreo witch Elly Troy reo it's kind of like a Maori class. For the last couple of weeks we have been doing our whakapapa/family tree and we have have been learning the Maori words for our family. Here is mine.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Camp portfolio 2016

Ahhhhhhhh it's good to be back. Hi I'm Camden hay could I tell you about the amazing camp that the year fives and sixes from Russell street school just went on. The camp that we went to was called El Rancho its on the outer rim of waikanae. At el rancho their are ten activities low ropes, kayaks,rafts, team inshatave,pool archery, mini golf, water slid, rifles and horses. We also had a camp concert with our activity groups it was a relay fun night. Here are some photos of what I did on camp and a link to the camp diary.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word art 2016

I think that having a one word is a pretty cool idea. It's  when everyone in your class has a word that means something to you and you also have that includes that word. We had to make a peace of art about that word. After we had chosen our word we tweeted it on Twitter after we did that Elly had to take a picture of a holding a pretend sign  We would also make a sign that had our one word on it and it would go on the picture Elly had taken a couple of day ago then we wold rule out the length and width of our pretended sign we were holding. Then we would put the length and width in our notebook and  and do an practice copy before we did a real copy after that we would put our favourite one on the real copy then cut it the sign out and stick it on the picture here is mine.

Feedback and think you chose a great word of yourself and I know that there will be much in the.improvement catagori.

Feed ford I think you could zoom in on your face and sign to make it more senceful.

Thanks Jayden 

Evaluation: I think Jayden was right on that I should zoom I a little bit so you can see my word, but out of all of that I think I did a good job.

My one word goals

Next week we are going to camp we had to have to goal that represents our one word here my goals.