Thursday, 1 September 2016

Troy writing group portfolio sample the lotto winner

This trem we are in different Groupes I am in the group where we are working on word. For the last couple of weeks we are working on story's about the waking of tennis balls. But this not your average how to make tennis balls we had to watch a video about tennis balls but we couldn't have any thing to do with it. So after we got our words and we sorted them into the ones we wanted to keep and the we didn't  want to keep after that we did the planning of our story. After we planed we get to do my favorite  part WRITE!!!!!. We at least had to have  4 sentences. I did mine with to parts. Here is the video of the tennis ball making and the story. Enjoy 

Feedback feedford I like how you put a lot of detail in your story next time you could make your story not as long. Sam 

Evaluation: thanks Sam. I am going to take in what sam said and I did maybe a did go a bit to far with my story but I love how I thought of my ideas a it did take my time but I did got  it finish it.

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  1. Hey Camden, Lucky Tim huh? I was waiting for something bad to happen to him, since he had so much good stuff happen to him. Next time think about adding a twist to your story to keep the reader guessing!