Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The naming of clouds.

In our reading workshop we have been learning about the naming of clouds. Here is a story that I made.

Story:The naming of clouds 

"LUKE HOWARD." Yelled the teacher." Yes mam." Said Luke Howard. Luke howard that is a young man that is fascinated in clouds. He would not listen in class he would just stare up into the sky and wonder.

After school and intermediate he was in high school where he got a mini job as a pharmest. But all he thought about is clouds. So after college he quit being a pharmest and became a meteorologist witch studyeds all kinds of weather. Study means watching you can't just snap off a bit of rainbow our pinch some cloud. But you can collect rain but you are just collecting water.

After learning Laten he used his knowledge and named the clouds. They were cumulus, strates and and ciries. Cumulus is a puffy cloud that moves very slowly through the sky. You see this cloud offen in the day. Ciries is a layered cloud that you normally see in bunches of cloud.strates is a silky cloud that is high in the sky and it is very thin.

And to this day there are many clouds like cirrostratus,stratocumulus and nimbs.

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