Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Portfolio sample maths timeline

At the moment in maths we are learning algebra we are also learning about a time line and and placing different things in different places here is a photo of what we had to place in a time line.
After we knew where everything went on the time line we made a time line and added where everything went here is a photo of our timeline 

Feedforward/feedback: I think you did good because you showed what we did. Next time you could explain more about what we did when we were with James. Angus 

Evaluation: thanks Angus I am going to take in what Angus said that I should have explained what we did with James. I like how I did it in steps.

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  1. You understood the concept of how timelines can show visually the story of the numbers. It is interesting the challenges that this presents when their is an outlier like the plastic bottle. Remember to explain how a range of timelines and the use of a broken timeline can be used.