Monday, 29 August 2016

Portfolio sample sport start game

this month we are doing this thing called sport start. Its when the teachers teach us new sport games I love sport start because I  love sport and learning new thing like this game i am about to show you.It is called gates. all you need are a set of cones a bean bag or a ball. you set up the cones so that they are not to far apart and not to close then get a ball and throw it to each other five times. You can throw it any way you want. Then you go to another gate and start throwing the ball you can do this over and over again with a new buddy. Here is a video of me and jack playing gates.

The explanation of the game is very detailed and when you watch the video you can understand very well what the game is about.
There is a need to check for capital letters and punctuation throughout the paragraph. Debbie 

Evaluation: Thanks Mum, I think next time I could do better at re-reading through for punctuation. I think that I did well at showing and explaining about how to play the game. 

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