Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Building with Nic

Today we were getting our layout of our insect hotel done. We acheived most of our cutting so we won't have to do as much cutting.

I have learnt that working with other people isn't so bad after all the easy thing was that at the start we had some help and the hard part was that when I brung my saw lots of people use  it.

Our goals for next week are to gets the last of The cutting done and to get our frame finished.

This week we got our frame of our insect hotel put together and some panels on the back.

I've learnt that every one has a job to do. Didn't cross any challenges today.

My goals for next week is to get the rest of the panels done a some slots put in.

This week we did panels at the point down 

I've lernt that no matter how hard things are just keep rolling.

Our job for next week is to get the pannels at the point finished.

We finished the insect hotel.

We acheived all the slats

I've learnt that in a little amount of time you can achieve allot

Last week of school next week