Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Diary writing sample

WALT keep a diary and write about what we are doing

Week 9 16.15

I fell proud about my coustume even if things went differently our failed it is a bit hard to get on and off but it fitted.

Week 9 15.9.15

The journey: Conparing with my design lots of things went differently but all those different things actually made my costume look even better. With help along the way lots of parents and friends helped cut out the fly wings  when I got stuck . So times were hard at points when I had to spray Paint my big Cape but I chugged along and I finally got there. I sometimes went home and cut out all the fly wings and did what I could to help finish my coustume.

The coustume. The sliver represent the main colour on flys and moscatos. The bits of paper on my arms and neck represent lots of little flying insects like flys, moscatos, and dragon flys.The bones on the fly cape and little fly wings are very special because they are the most  delicate bones on the fly and moscatos body.

Week 8  10.9.15

I am doing a really good job I am a little bit behind but last week I got stuck in and did all the stuff in the pictures I did all by my self with a little bit of help. I am nervous abut not getting enough fly wings and I am confident that I will get my dragon fly done. I hope when I put my costume on it doesn't fall to bits.

Week 6 24.8.15

6 hats

Black hat what went bad: The thing that went wrong for me was that I didn't have enough time to do the vivid bones on my fly wings so my plan is going to have to change. I learned that if you want things to be perfict they take time.

Yellow hat what went well: The thing that went well for me was that Rosie let me use some milk bottles form there bag of cardboard and rubbish because I didn't have enough milk cartons. I learned to ask people for help.

Red hat how I feel about my work: I feel  pretty  confident  that I am going to finish my coustume I am a bit scared that I won't have enough fly wings for my coustume.

Week 5 20.8.15

Tomorrow we are going to have the first Friday of making our coustume! But first we had to make a design are some photos of the back,front and the Middle.

Red hat.I feel nervous and happy because the nervous part of me was saying I won't be  Abel to make 50 little wings in one day and the other half of me was saying I'm on track and everything is in order.

Yellow hat. I am really happy that my dragon fly is simple and there is not much work to be done. 

Black hat. I am really nervous about my big cape on my back because I don't know what to make it out and how to make it.

Week 2 30.7.15

Last week on Friday Joy showed us some techniques for our flight costume. After morning tea Joy gave us our challenge it was to make a monster foot with some of the techniqueswe had leaned here is a photo of my monster foot and the techniques I leaned.