Monday, 23 March 2015

Whakawhanaungatanga term 1 value

This is my poster about doing Whakawhanaungatanga with my buddy?

I showed Whakawhanaungatanga when I gave up my time to go swimming with him because he had never learn't to go swimming.
My goal at camp was to make friend and to sit next to people that I did't know and buy that photo it looks like I am sitting next to people that I know and don't know.

After tea at the marae I felt happy that I sat to people that I didn't know.

Plus I survived the gorge walk and I saw ten stoat traps they looked SO cool!

Minus People started talking when lots of the teachers and some kids like me were still asleep

Interesting You can make cool things out of string

After tea at the marae I felt happy that I sat to people that I didn't know.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Reading sample term 1

I have been learning to skim and scan. Here is a picture of my best answers that I skim and scan out of a book.
I chose this work because it shows I can find information quickly.

Writing sample term 1

I wrote this to report factual writing.I know this is a good report because I said what equipment he used and talk about his  emotions. I am going to work on rereading my writing because it sounds a bit weird at the moment.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Managing self sample

My goal is to take responsibility of were I sit. I am a strongman you can see from the label.
Strongmen work alone. I like to work alone because it  is a quiet I can concentrate without enyone disturbing me. Here is a photo of  where my table lives.