Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Swimming sample term 1

I am learning to do strouks probably as you can see in the picture.
The first time I did it I looked like I was doing the dogge paddle but arfter a couple of weeks I could do big paddles in the water. I also help my buddy Ryan in the water too. He finally gets in the water HAH!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Term 1 maths sample

My two goal are to use a ruler properly and to learn the different triangle.

This picture shows that I could have done a bit better on holding my ruler more straight and I should use my triangles more often and say the triangles names more often.


This is my icosahedron I made this week
I learned to score on the lines so that the sides are even. As you can see in the picture I have made it even because I scored the lines if I didn't score the lines it wouldn't look like a icosahedron.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Global Play Day.

Plus: My plus would have to be talking and playing Lego with my friend Sam. We are building a diggers, trucks and other things.

Minus: My minus is that I didn't get to finish my lego tractor because it was back up time.

Interesting: My interesting thing is that why did they make global play day and will we do it again. 

This is us playing with the images.