Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cross country writing

On Thursday morning the RSS seniors strolled down to Skoglund park to sprint their cross country.  

The walk was long and there was a lot of traffic. There were lots of trucks that were honking their horns and the teachers were yelling, "Walk faster. "

First thing that we did when we got to Skoglund park was munch on food and stretch. It was a little wait for my race. 

Because the year 6 boys go first.  Then the year 6 girls and then the year 5 boys,Then so on and so on until my race was up, I was a bit nervous but I could still do it. Before we started our race Ebony said, "Pace yourself at the start a little bit and then sprint at the end. Ready, steady GO!" 

I started off as slow as a snail but then I ran as fast as a cheater. And then I pass lots of boys. Then I came in 3rd. I pass the 2nd boy and I stayed in 2nd until I sore the stairs, I thought to my self,"I can do it I can get up the stairs.

 As I came to the finish line I came closer and closer! I heard my dad say, "You can beat the other guy." I replied, "I can't do it I have nothing leafed in the tank."  

Finally I got to the finish line I was proud of my self and exhausted, but I was happy because I came 2nd,Stephen my mum my dad,my nana and Vanessa came and said, "we'll  done Camden for getting 2nd in all the year three boys."

 I was a bit sad that I didn't come 1st but I was still happy. My mum and my dad came over and helped me put my bag cover on and my jacket on and said, "Good buy see you tonight

Then it started poring down with rain so we had to go under shade and had some lunch and a drink because we all we're tire, First classes to go we're
 room 7 and room 11. It toke a little wile for our bus to come but it didn't take long I finally got on the bus  at the back  with finis and William.We talk a lot in the bus, We had to shear the bus with rom 14 room 9. We finally got back to school and it was lunchtime and the other bus was gone. I ran up to class and waited until Vanessa opened the door and I had lunch and then ran outside and played.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

This is my hands on home work

Robot Art

WALT: Layer corrugated card to create a Robot
To be successful we need to....
 - Create a corrugated body section 
 - Have at least 2 layers of corrugated card on main parts
 - Use a variety of different shapes
 - Cut shapes correctly
 - Use a ruler
 - Not show pencil lines
 - Fill up empty spaces
 - Stick pieces on with lots of glue
 - Create robot features