Thursday, 15 May 2014

Temperature science

Temperature science

Today our class learnt some science. We learnt about temperature. We had one warm bowl, one frezzing bowl and one room temperature bowl.

We placed one hand in the warm bowl and the other hand in the frezzing cold bowl. We put both our hands in the room temperature bowl then I said to my team, "The hand that is in the frezzing cold bowl is now warm and the hand that was in the warm bowl is now frezzing and they both fell numb."

The best way to tell the temperature is with a thermometer because our hands get confused about the hot and the cold.



My hands on homework

This is my hands on homework.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Holiday PMI

- I went to the Lego movie. The best part was when the Lego hero came to see all the heroes.
- I went to the city library to get some chapter books. One of the books was called the Famous Five and the other was called the BFG. That book was my favourite.
- The EASTER bunny hid seven eggs for me.

- My big sister kept hugging and kissing me.
- My little brother got a cold for one and a half weeks.
- I didn't get to see my friends that much.

- Roshan has started toilet training. YAY!
- My dad had a week off work.
- The EASTER bunny hid the eggs pretty good.